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  1. If anyone is unable to change their display name, send me a PM and I will change it for you. Let me know what name you want.

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    2. krisphelps


      Hey Dom,

      I'm unable to really do anything. I can only see the Introductions forum, but I can't post topics or anything. I tried to send a support ticket, but I wasn't sure if it got through. Happy to be here and I appreciate your help!


    3. Saji


      Hi Dom,

      I am unable to change the display name. Could you please change it to "Saji".


    4. carp51


      Hi Dom,

      I am also unable to do much once inside, can't really view any content only the headings.. Would love to be able to dive in. 

  2. It seems like some of you have "post status updates" defaulted to "no", but you are able to activate it, and some of you have it defaulted to yes. Can you let me know which is the case with you?

    1. Jools


      Sorry, not sure Dom. Where do I find this information to check it?


    2. Domw


      Are you able to update your status? Go to your profile.

    3. Jools


      No not able to edit the about me section.



  3. Looking forward to getting all the new members involved!