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      Moving to Facebook Group - Tested On Humans   01/09/2018

      We've done a revamp of the training/case study videos setup and the discussion areas. Each HPD customer/member will have a central hub now, showing their purchase history and links to our other services, but also links to the training sections. You can find this at humanproofdesigns.com/welcome - login is required. If you are not sure of your login credentials, please feel free to check in with us at humanproofdesigns.com/support-ticket and we can provide your updated logins. To be clear, what is changing is that the discussion and videos will no longer be available at members.humanproofdesigns.com. Instead, the discussions can happen inside the Tested on Humans Facebook Group and the video libraries can be accessed from humanproofdesigns.com/welcome We will be closing down members.humanproofdesigns.com on Monday next week. So if there was a discussion you particularly liked you can save it somewhere else (ie. Google Doc). The general idea is to use the Facebook group (Tested on Humans) as the Customers only discussion area; the videos will be hosted on humanproofdesigns.comgoing forward, instead of at members.humanproofdesigns.com. Also, stay tuned for updated/more in depth site buyer training, case study training, and other training coming out in the next few weeks! Thanks all!


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  1. If anyone is unable to change their display name, send me a PM and I will change it for you. Let me know what name you want.

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    2. krisphelps


      Hey Dom,

      I'm unable to really do anything. I can only see the Introductions forum, but I can't post topics or anything. I tried to send a support ticket, but I wasn't sure if it got through. Happy to be here and I appreciate your help!


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      Hi Dom,

      I am unable to change the display name. Could you please change it to "Saji".


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      Hi Dom,

      I am also unable to do much once inside, can't really view any content only the headings.. Would love to be able to dive in.