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  1. Interested in buying an Amazon Affiliate site with revenue ranging between USD 400 - 700 a month. Anyone interested or knows a trusted seller?

    I already know (Flippa, FE International, Empire Flippers).

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    2. Domw


      What multiples do sites usually go for there?

    3. arturomeza


      Thanks for your replies! FEI and EF go for high multiples 25-30x monthly revenue, which are pretty high for a site which is just starting. I am looking more into 15-20x. I took a look at latonas.com, but didn't find anything interesting for now.

      I think it is a hard search considering the amount of revenue. Most people are in the process of scaling the site. Hardest part is finding clean backlink profiles. Will let you know if I find another source to buy sites.




    4. towfiq


      I've a niche site, that I bought from HPD in the last September 2016 and currently it's making 450-500$ every month. Want to discuss with arturomeza for selling.